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Tents allow a customer to have nearly indoor protection, outdoors.  Pole tents are quick to assemble and can be from small, 20’ x 20’, to very large, well over 100’ in length.  Pole tents are used for outdoor activities; weddings, church events, parties, picnics, fireworks sales, sporting events, etc.  Pole tents can have sidewalls (even with windows) so you can enclose your event to nearly all outside influence, or have no sidewalls and be able to see your surroundings.  These pole tents will last for years, come in multiple colors and color combinations, lots of sizes and shape configurations, and can withstand a fair amount of inclement weather.

Custom Tents and Tarps is locally owned and operated in Afton, OK. We purchased a tent and tarp manufacturer in Miami, OK. we have just opened our new facility, with state-of-the-art machinery. We offer worldwide sales and shipping of custom tents and tarps of all shapes and sizes.

Custom Tents and Tarps deals in custom size tents and tarps. We can provide you event tents, party tents, large commercial party tents for sale, tents for revivals in custom sizes. We also deal in pole tents, fireworks Tents, wedding tents, church tents, and any other special occasion tents. We have listed some of our most popular sizes and tent prices click here 

COVID-19 Importance        

Tents are important in our lives, especially now, where social distancing is important for human safety.  These tents can provide temporary check-in spots for hospitals, public buildings, restaurants with curb delivery, or any other facility that believes that handling most or all of their customers outside is safer than allowing some or all into their facility


Pole Tents Oklahoma

Our frame tents are generally easier to put up and take down than pole tents, and are great for picnics, weddings, sporting events, festivals of all kinds, vendor tents. it also can withstand a fair amount of inclement weather.  These tents have fewer poles at the perimeter, so many think they are more eye-appealing.  They have a high peak in the center, so many like that feature as well.

These tents can be equipped with sidewalls (also can be fitted with windows) to make great vendor tents for festivals.  In many cases, these tents can be staked at the foot, so again, a lot more eye-appealing as there are no offsetting stakes and lines.

Custom Tents and Tarps have some bright colors to really make your tent stand out.  Our team can alternate colors on the top, can add a different color valence, add trim in a different color. you pretty much name and we’ve probably done it, and can easily do It again.

Custom Tents and Tarps have well over 20 years of tent building experience. we know what people like and don’t like about tents.  Our team has modified our tents to help out those who know what they want.  Custom Tents and Tarps are very aware of the small things that really make a difference.  We have listed below just a few of the things that we do that makes us stand out in the crowd of tent manufacturers.

Best Quality

We use all stainless-steel grommets.  These should never rust, and unless really abused, should never distort in shape, so easily stabbed with lines or hooks.  We buy quality grommets and they are machine applied, so every grommet is identical in shape.

Our laced edges, or the edges where multiple-piece tops lace together, are grommeted.  Never again will you have to try to find a cut or punched hole in the vinyl, or worse yet, a ripped hole in the vinyl.  Our grommeted edges make lacing two edges together really simple.

We have two different kinds of wall poles for your idea of how you want your tent to look.  We have white powder-coated poles that have a shiny white coating that is really durable for a classy looking tent, and we have the standard galvanized poles.

Rental or Purchase

We sell tents to all types of customers, from rental agencies to individuals.  Some of our customers buy multiple tents from us and then rent the tents out for various events. Therefore, we DO NOT RENT TENTS to anyone, as we don’t wish to compete with our customers.

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Pole Tents Installation  

Do you hate ropes when you install a pole tent?  We do.  So, never again with our tents.  ALL of our pole tents include ratchet straps, whether 1” or 2”, depending upon the size of the tent. And these are high quality, high strength industrial ratchet straps.  These straps have a loop on one end to make it an easy and quick attachment to the ground stake, with a safety hook on the other to attach to the tent.

Does your pole tent not pull right at the corners?  We’ve fixed that as we two provide straps and stakes for each corner, so your tent looks its best.  We also provide for many rental companies, poles at five-foot intervals instead of the normal tent-foot intervals for a better looking, stronger, and much more secure tent.

Need more security?  Want a quieter event tent?  We have sidewalls for any of our tents, with or without windows.  Our typical sidewall lets the light through, and even more with windows, but not the rain or wind.

Our valence can be straight or with scallops, to enhance the look of any tent.

For our very large pole tents, we have crank poles that are much easier to use for installation.  Instead of using a regular pinned two or three-piece center pole, we have crank poles that can really simplify your tent installation.  Just put it in location, and crank it to the height that you need to make your tent look just right.

Removing Tents

Center pole dollies can also help your installation, if you want to stay with our normal two or three-piece center poles.  Just add a dolly to our center pole, and use ropes/straps to pull the center pole to vertical.  Our dollies also have a flat plate installed on the bottom, so that when the center pole becomes vertical, the flat plate helps keep the pole from sinking into a soft foundation.

We also have stake pullers available for your ease in removing a tent.  Our tent pullers collapse and fit in a small box for ease in shipping or storage, but easily expand to help remove your stakes from the toughest ground

Our high-peak frame tents are amazing and come in various sizes.  Sidewalls are available for any size, in any color, with or without windows.  Our high-peaks also come with straps so you don’t have to mess with ropes. our straps help pull your high-peak to the perfect tension to make it look great.  Our high-peaks also come in an 8-foot or a 10-foot eave or valence height, so you can use for different types of events.

High Quality

We use high-quality vinyl, and we make every tent.  These are not foreign-made tents brought in to sell; we are a “Made in America” shop and build every tent in Afton, Oklahoma.  We use the latest in technology to weld and sew our tents.  Our tents are manufactured in a climate-controlled manufacturing facility, and we are powered by the sun.  Our facility is solar-powered, with a 15KW solar generating field adjacent to our building.  As we expand, we can easily expand our solar field to meet our future demands.

We are centrally located in the US so that our shipping is easy on our customers that require shipping.  We are located on Route 66, so driving to our facility is easy as well.  Give us a call, or please come by to see our facility.  We’ll gladly give you a tour and show you how your tent is manufactured.

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