How is our tent different than others?

We use high-quality vinyl to ensure quality in our tents. We buy from the same manufacturers time-after-time, so our whites and our colors stay consistent. We don’t use close-outs or left-over-inventory vinyl for our tents.

On our multi-piece tent tops, we grommet our lace areas, to make lacing the top easier.

We use straps on all our tents, instead of ropes. All our straps have heat-treated ends to minimize fraying. The use of straps, the size dependent upon the tent size, can be tightened upon installation easily, and also can be easily adjusted over time while the tent is up, as the vinyl may “relax” slightly depending upon installation and weather.

We use the latest technology heat-welding devices, the machine that “fuses” the vinyl together. Our vinyl welds are stronger than the vinyl itself. All of our highest stress lines are “webbed” with an extremely strong web that reinforces the vinyl, enabling you to get our tents really “tight”, which enhances the look, enables the tent to withstand stronger winds, and lengthens the life of your tent.

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