How do I prepare for a storm?

Every storm is different, but the decisions are easy. There are three basic solutions to riding out a storm.

  1. Drop the tent to the ground, and ride out the storm flat on the ground.  This obviously is the safest way, but possibly the costliest pending the use of the tent at the time, and pending your situation, it may not be possible.
  2. Pull off the sidewalls, or roll up the sidewalls and secure to the eave.  The dome of the tent will still move with the wind: however, the walls will not be an issue on pushing over the tent from the side.
  3. If you decide to leave your tent standing with an upcoming storm, it is imperative that the tent be as tight as possible.  Make sure every tie-down point is as tight as possible, while making sure that your stakes are secure in the ground.  If the ground is soft, make sure the poles have secure footing.  This may require you to place wood underneath each pole foot.  How soft the ground is will determine how big of a wood base you need to put under each pole.  Obviously the center poles will require more square inches of wood due to the weight and stress of the center poles compared to the wall poles.

One thing to remember:  a round or oval pole tent will withstand more wind stresses than a rectangle tent.

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