Do we sell frame tents?

At this time, unfortunately no. Frame tents can take up to 3-4 times as long to set up as compared to a pole tent. Frame tents require multiple steel connectors, drastically increasing the cost of the tent compared to a pole tent. We are not currently manufacturing frame tents due to the demand of our pole tents, and until we find a better frame system to put under our tents. Our main goal is to have our customers happy with our tents, and we feel that you will be extremely happy with our pole tent, and you’ll find our price is better than frame tents, plus way easier to you and/or your crew to install. We can also build a more stylish tent with our high peak pole tents than is possible with a frame tent.

Please remember that a pole tent can be installed on concrete or asphalt just like it can be on grass or gravel. Each pole has to be anchored with straps that we provide, but anchors can include large anchor blocks of some type, or you can drive our stake right through asphalt, and easily repair that hole with “patch asphalt in a bag” available at your local home repair store. Also, on concrete, it can be anchored with our stakes, if blocks are not available, but cutting a hole in the concrete where the stakes are required to be placed, and driving in the stake. When finished, you can repair the hole in one of several ways. Either a quick-concrete mix can be used to fill the hole, and seldom will there be any issues, or if the tent will be installed in the location time-after-time, then the same “patch asphalt in a bag” can be used to fill in the hole. If this is used, then our stakes can be pounded right through the patch when installing the tent again next time.

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