Frequently Asked Questions

Generally we can repair most any brand or style of tent or tarp. Our costs are dependent upon the damage and the condition of the material at the time of the repair. We recommend you take a picture of the damage and send to us, so we can help you decide if your product can be repaired, and so we can give you an estimate of the repair.

You can research our site for the approximate size and style tent you want. Feel free to call, fax, or email any questions you may have. To ensure your satisfaction, we believe that every order needs to be completed by telephone. This helps to ensure your payment security, as well as our experienced personnel may be able to offer an option/color/style that would make your order the best it can be.

There are many ways to clean our tents;  some of which are more effective than others.
  • Tar, oil, grease, and other petroleum product staining can easily be removed with WD-40 and a clean rag. Several applications may be required pending the type of stain. Please remember to clean the WD-40 off of the vinyl with soap and water after cleaning the stain.
  • Magic eraser style cleaners can clean multiple stains or discolorations.
  • For rust, hard-water, and mineral stains try a CLR type cleaner.
  • Mildew or mold can be a tough discoloration to remove, but bleach products are the best for this. Please remember that bleach (or chlorine) products DO NOT whiten the vinyl, and if used frequently and at full strength can damage the strength of the vinyl. Again, after using a bleach product, please wash the area with soap and water to remove any chlorine residual, as this product can be harmful to vinyl.
  • Duct tape or adhesives can many times be removed by a goo-gone type product. It is best to remove this damage before the adhesive left on the tent colors dirt and causes discoloration.
  • Tough leaf stains, yellowing, or crepe-paper staining can be removed or lessened in intensity by exposing the damaged area to the sun, or also by using infrared lighting. Please use caution with infrared lighting, as damage can occur if the lighting is too close causing heat damage. It is best to use infrared lighting in short intervals at a time, maybe 15-25 minutes, and then evaluate the damaged area to see if and how much improvement is made with this process.
We accept cash, money order, cashier’s check, company check with proper ID, and credit cards, with ID. Note:  We are different than many tent companies out there.  We DO NOT expect you to pay for the credit card fees.  That is part of doing business, and we will gladly accept your payment by credit card if that is how you prefer to pay.  We would always prefer a company check however.
Every storm is different, but the decisions are easy. There are three basic solutions to riding out a storm.
  1. Drop the tent to the ground, and ride out the storm flat on the ground.  This obviously is the safest way, but possibly the costliest pending the use of the tent at the time, and pending your situation, it may not be possible.
  2. Pull off the sidewalls, or roll up the sidewalls and secure to the eave.  The dome of the tent will still move with the wind: however, the walls will not be an issue on pushing over the tent from the side.
  3. If you decide to leave your tent standing with an upcoming storm, it is imperative that the tent be as tight as possible.  Make sure every tie-down point is as tight as possible, while making sure that your stakes are secure in the ground.  If the ground is soft, make sure the poles have secure footing.  This may require you to place wood underneath each pole foot.  How soft the ground is will determine how big of a wood base you need to put under each pole.  Obviously the center poles will require more square inches of wood due to the weight and stress of the center poles compared to the wall poles.
One thing to remember:  a round or oval pole tent will withstand more wind stresses than a rectangle tent.
We use high-quality vinyl to ensure quality in our tents. We buy from the same manufacturers time-after-time, so our whites and our colors stay consistent. We don’t use close-outs or left-over-inventory vinyl for our tents. On our multi-piece tent tops, we grommet our lace areas, to make lacing the top easier. We use straps on all our tents, instead of ropes. All our straps have heat-treated ends to minimize fraying. The use of straps, the size dependent upon the tent size, can be tightened upon installation easily, and also can be easily adjusted over time while the tent is up, as the vinyl may “relax” slightly depending upon installation and weather. We use the latest technology heat-welding devices, the machine that “fuses” the vinyl together. Our vinyl welds are stronger than the vinyl itself. All of our highest stress lines are “webbed” with an extremely strong web that reinforces the vinyl, enabling you to get our tents really “tight”, which enhances the look, enables the tent to withstand stronger winds, and lengthens the life of your tent.
Our tents are built to last, but it always depends upon the use, the conditions while in use, and storage. Our experience is that if you use your tent for up to a couple months per year, your tent will probably last for years and years. The bigger the tent, the more stress due to installation and de-installation, however, you should still see years of use from our tents. Any tent will lose life expectancy if walked on during installation, or if the tent is loose, especially in windy conditions.

Please see our seating table by tent style and size. Please understand that these are just estimates of seating capacity, and will normally will include a three (3) foot open space around the perimeter of the tent.

A wall is the height of the edge of the tent. Our normal wall heights are 7.5’ and 10’, but we can customize any wall height.
Each total tent includes the roof or top, the sidewalls, poles, straps, and stakes. Our Deluxe Tent includes a 13-ounce vinyl top and sidewalls. Our Premium Tent includes a 16-ounce vinyl top and 13-ounce sidewalls. Our typical sidewall is white, but for an additional price, colors and windows are available. We can even put a clear vinyl section or multiple clear vinyl sections in your tent top for an amazing look. But if you already have poles, ropes/straps, and/or stakes, we can modify the price of our tent to provide just the products that you want. Just let us know when you place your order. Some do not want sidewalls. Again, we can modify the price of our tent to provide just the products that you want.
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