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Custom Tents and Tarps (CTNT) provides two high-peak tents and grommeted vinyl strips for home-made signs to local critical supplier of electrical parts.

Today, CTNT started before normal working hours to create two custom high-peak tents and several blank signs out of vinyl.

This local supplier contacted us over the weekend to provide them with two tents so that they could continue to provide the local economy and customers with much needed electrical parts and supplies, and yet stay socially distanced.  This local employer wants to ensure the safety of their employees, plus due to a small staff, wanted their staff to be safe to ensure that they could stay open during this emergency.

CTNT installed the tents near the front door of this facility so that this company could place parts, supplies, and needed equipment on a table, but yet stay dry in inclement weather.  In addition, two different colors of tents were installed so that CTNT’s customer could tell individual customers which color their material was located, so multiple customers could be served in a short period of time, and still stay socially distanced.

CTNT also quickly made some small vinyl blanks so this customer could put weather-safe notices to their customers immediately (they didn’t have time to work through a sign company to get professionally built signs).

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