We have well over 20 years of tent building experience, and we know what people like and don’t like about tents.  We have modified our tents to help out those who know what they want.  We are very aware of the small things that really make a difference.  We have listed below just a few of the things that we do that makes us stand out in the crowd of tent manufacturers. We use all stainless-steel grommets.  These should never rust, and unless really abused, should never distort in shape, so easily stabbed with lines or hooks.  We buy quality grommets and they are machine applied, so every grommet is identical in shape.

Our laced edges, or the edges where multiple-piece tops lace together, are grommeted.  Never again will you have to try to find a cut or punched hole in the vinyl, or worse yet, a ripped hole in the vinyl.  Our grommeted edges make lacing two edges together really simple. We have two different kinds of wall poles for your idea of how you want your tent to look like.  We have white powder-coated poles that have a shiny white coating that is really durable for a classy looking tent, and we have the standard galvanized poles.

Our frame tents are generally easier to put up and take down than pole tents, and are great for picnics, weddings, sporting events, festivals of all kinds, vendor tents, and also can withstand a fair amount of inclement weather.  These tents have fewer poles at the perimeter, so many think they are more eye-appealing.  They have a high peak in the center, so many like that feature as well.  These tents can be equipped with sidewalls (also can be fitted with windows) to make great vendor tents for festivals.  In many cases, these tents can be staked at the foot, so again, a lot more eye-appealing as there are no offsetting stakes and lines.ve some bright colors to really make your tent stand out.  We can alternate colors on the top, can add a different color valence, add trim in a different color….you pretty much name and we’ve probably done it, and can easily do It again.

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Tarp-Custom Tent and Tarps
Tarp-Custom Tent and Tarps

Turn Your Old Damaged Tent or Tarp Into New Again.

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COVID-19 Importance

Tents are important in our lives, especially now, where social distancing is important for human safety.  These tents can provide temporary check-in spots for hospitals, public buildings, restaurants with curb delivery, or any other facility that believes that handling most or all of their customers outside is safer than allowing some or all into their facility.

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